Web Design

There are lots of ways that you can create our own website on the Internet for free. Most ISPs (your Internet Service Provider!) will probably give you some free webspace and a way of creating yourself some webpages.

This is OK, but it can be a little limited and you can be stuck with a unpersonalised name for your website (eg. www.my-usual-isp.com/users/fredbloggs).

The step up from here would be to get your own domain name (web site name) with a larger ISP. There will be a charge to register your domain name and to host your web pages. The charge is usually made annually and can be from as little as 99p per month. They too will perhaps offer you some way to create your own web pages.

First Steps:

  • Create your website pages. Start from scratch or base your design on a free web site template.
  • Choose a suitable ISP and register a domain name. Consider what they offer for the price. Do you require scripting (eg. a contact or guestbook page) and can they support this?


Advanced Steps:

  • Ensure your web coding (HTML,XHTML,CSS etc) conforms to internet standards (eg. W3C).
  • Ensure your web site supports all the available web browsers out there and versions of browsers! (eg. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari etc)
  • Optimise your website for Internet Search Engines and get it noticed. Consider registering with Google WebMaster services. Add a sitemap and META tags.


Some sample web designs I have helped to create:

Anchor Bowmen Archey Club    The Cliffbury Guest House

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